Post – All White Affair

Well Glenville c/o 1980-1990 Another successful event in the books! Everyone was simply beautiful in their white. I know the evening wasn’t perfect but if the most recent event is better than the last, that is considered a success. I have heard the critiques and the only way things can get better is if you go to the website and share (confidentially) what you would want to see or not see. Your input can only make the next event better. (Please submit your comments on the website and not this post because the differences of opinions will clash with others and that is not what I’m trying to do with this post).

I’m not going to say all classes but some classes for years said that Glenville never has events and then turn around and not attend when an event is in place. It can’t be both ways. We know A LOT of people who could not make it would have if they could have and we missed them dearly and know that there hearts were in that very room with us. For those who simply didn’t want to come (which is certainly your choice) the negative remarks that you pass from someone else who was in attendance does not speak for the majority…only if you had come would you really know what it was like…only if you had come would make your criticisms valid.

As far as the $15…please know, it is a donation towards the next event and there are expenses that need to be paid i.e venue, DJ, food, supplies, etc. This is really not a public event per say, it is an event for us (Glenville Alumni) as a whole that includes family and friends, and it was long overdue. We all know that we have attended clubs and paid $10-$15 and not get nothing but admission. At least you can take away that this $15 donation is to keep the Glenville Events going and the Memories are Priceless!

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