Workers at a Glenville Tar company were often called “Tarblooders”.  A Tarblooder was a railroad worker whose job was to smear hot tar on railroad ties after they were laid, to seal them and hold them in place.  It was difficult work to say the least.  The mixture of tar, dirt, sweat pouring off of these men and the occasional real blood gave the impression of blood.  These were men who truly “sweat blood”.  They were considered hard-working and dedicated men who went far beyond the call of duty on their jobs.

The name became synonymous with the hard workers and was adopted by the Glenville High School and was later explained that Tarblooders represents the BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS that previous dedicated Alumni laid down for the students after them  Glenville, developed many chants which included but is not limited to, “Whack, Thud, Tarblood” warning opponents of what would happen as a result of challenging them.

What most Alumni would say comes to mind when it comes to unity is being that Glenville High School was and still is the smallest high school in Cleveland, OH, their bonds were one of a kind!  When you mention “Love, Togetherness, Family and Truth” to any Glenville Alumni to describe their school, most would agree with the description.

All Might Tarblooders!  (Stand Strong…or you Stand Wrong!!!)

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