101814 Glenville c/o 1974 Sweetest Day Party

Glenville All Alumni Sweetest Day Party 10/18/14

Join All Glenville Alumni for Sweetest Day Party! Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hosted by:  Glenville c/o 1974

Glenville & Macklin Sweetest Day Event

Dawgs United 13th Annual Superbowl Cabaret – 2/1/14

MAD (Making A Difference) Update 08/11/13



I’m (MAD) Making A Difference In My Community Reclaiming Our Neighborhoods One Block At A Time…Families, Men, Women, and Children Getting It Done…On Our Own!

Organized by:  Leonard Davis  and Anthony Hawley and in collaboration with Hank Davis (I.C.O.N.S.)

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